2000mm stainless steel sphereDIA20 - 2000mm stainless steel sphere - Stainless steel sheet thickness 2.0mmwe can provide

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Stainless steel sphere
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Stainless steel decoration ball
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2000mm sphere|2m stainless steel ball
Product Details

2000mm stainless steel sphere

 DIA20 - 2000mm stainless steel sphere

- Stainless steel sheet thickness 2.0mm

we can provide variety of stainless steel sphere,stainless steel ball.sphere in high quality and competitive price
both  for outdoor&indoor decoration.
we also make the products according to your requirements(site,material,pictures,drawingand design).
if you are interested,please visit our website http:www.cn-sphere.com for more information.
   your questions and requirements  are aways welcome!
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