we can supply DIA 500mm,550mm,600mm,650mm,700mm,750mm,800mm,900mm,1000mm stainles steel sphere.50cm,55cm,60cm.65cm,70cm,

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Stainless steel sphere
 °  less 20mm ° 25~100mm
 ° 120~480mm ° 500~1000mm
Stainless steel decoration ball
 ° 1000~2000mm ° more than 2000mm
Stainless steel decorative flower
 ° decorative flower °  more decorative flower

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500mm~1000mm stainless steel sphere
Product Details

we can supply DIA  500mm,550mm,600mm,650mm,700mm,750mm,800mm,900mm,1000mm   stainles steel sphere.

50cm,55cm,60cm.65cm,70cm,75cm,80cm,85cm,90cm,95cm,100cm stainless steel sphere| stainless steel ball