380mm 480mm 580mm Garden water features DIA20 - 2000mm stainless steel sphere - Stainless steel sheet thickness 1.0~2.0m

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Stainless steel sphere
 °  less 20mm ° 25~100mm
 ° 120~480mm ° 500~1000mm
Stainless steel decoration ball
 ° 1000~2000mm ° more than 2000mm
Stainless steel decorative flower
 ° decorative flower °  more decorative flower

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480mm Stainless steel sphere|hollow stainless steel ball
Product Details

 380mm 480mm  580mm   Garden water features     DIA20 - 2000mm stainless steel sphere

- Stainless steel sheet thickness 1.0~2.0mm


Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Sphers ranging from 20mm to 2.0m for the finishing touches.

Product Name: spheres(balls,stainless steel sphere)
1.) Materrial:stainless steel 304#
2.)Site:we can do that as per your requirements
3.)handmade carved high quality control
5.)customers designs are accepted
   your questions and requirements  are aways welcome!
   Maoji factory

product details
stainless steel sphere,stainless steel ball,sphere
Material:stainless steel 304#
Custom design and test order accepted

Stainless Steel Hollow Ball


We specializes in producing stainless steel balls, stainless steel hollow ball, stainless steel hemisphere,, drilling the ball, gift ball, building decoration ball, big ball, special ball more than 10 kinds of categories, hundreds of varieties and specifications, and contracts with various Custom non-standard payment processing class:

Product Specification :10-10000mm

Material: stainless steel 201/302/304/316/316L/420/440

Outer surface of Management: cast / sand light, drilling, welding, painting, plating, engraving, etching

Applicable industries: metal processing, craft gifts, decoration, telecommunications, toys, electronic appliances, auto parts, instrumentation, medical and chemical, welcome new and old customers to visit us!

The Division production of stainless steel balls, stainless steel ball, stainless steel hollow ball, punch ball, stainless steel float, stainless steel decoration ball, punching tapping stainless steel ball, copper ball, punching ball, shaped balls and all kinds of accessories, products strict quality stainless steel materials and high technology is refined, innovative design, precision machining, surface bright and smooth, delicate appearance, type of broad, multi-style, full range. Seamless, no holes, no welding marks, spot welding, in hardware, machinery, architecture, craft, gifts, decoration, electrical appliances, electronics, toys and other fields is widely used, reliable technology, strict quality control to ensure that our products in the same has the highest cost